A look into Pipers Easter Basket

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This year is Pipers third Easter and I am SO excited! Aside from dying eggs and having an egg hunt, the most exciting part is the basket! An Easter basket is such a fun way to get creative and you can pretty much put anything in it which makes shopping for the goodies relatively easy. My whole life, my parents have always given my sister and I such fun baskets so I couldn’t wait to pass on that tradition with Piper.

Piper is two. So obviously, she would love bubbles, sidewalk chalk, etc. But, instead of buying her things she already has I thought this year I’d get a little creative and do some shopping outside of the box. Most of the gifts I bought Piper are from small shops. Knowing my purchase directly helps a family makes my heart sing. Now, I know Easter is only a few days away so the purpose of this blog being a “gift guide to Easter” would be silly. Nothing I bought her is directly related to Easter so each gift is perfect all year for any occasion!

Here is a list of everything I bought. I will link what I am able!

  1. “Animals Under the Bed” book by Meg Smiley Shop Here!
  2. Plush Bunny by Apple Park Kids Shop Here!
  3. Wooden Stamp Set by Melissa & Doug Shop Here!
  4. Piggy Paint Nail Polish Shop Here!
  5. Egg Maracas Shop Here!
  6. Creamrose Freshwater Pearl Bracelet by Poppy Lane & Co. Shop Here!
  7. Estrella Leather Sandals by Adelisa & Co. Shop Here!
  8. Tic Tac Toe from Target Dollar Spot
  9. Tambourine from Little Cottonwood Shop Here!
  10. Market Tote from Ellies Little Market on Etsy
  11. Fairy Wand from The Della Rose Boutique on Etsy



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