A Letter to Piper

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You are 2 years and 3 months old. Your energy, attitude, and personality grow so much every single day. You are the most independent little lady and keeping you in a shopping cart is nearly impossible. You just point your finger and shout “walk!”. You know what you want and when you want it. Also, how to get it (wink).


Your vocabulary is blowing us all away as you’re starting to form your own sentences. You have the sweetest little voice. Half the time no one knows what you’re saying, but I get you. You say so many things. Its hard to make a list but most importantly you say “please” and “thank you, mom mom”. When you’re looking for something you ask “Where did it go?” and put your little hands up. You say things with such confidence and you will repeat yourself until you are heard and understood. I can see you being a leader in your future. You’re currently in music class, and because of the finger song you can now count to six (you always skip 5). You know your colors but purple and green always take favor. You also know the animals and most of their sounds. My favorite is your lion impersonation.


The “experts” say we shouldn’t but, your father and I still rock you before bed. You fall asleep on your own though in your crib, sometimes singing which I love so much. You love brushing your teeth before you fall asleep and every night after you do brush your teeth, you peak around the corner to see whats going on in the living room before you run off to bed. You have to sleep with your “lamba” and as you fall asleep you rub the tag on your blanket.


Your’e calling those closest to you by their name and never shy afraid from a tight squeeze. You’re an observer and you like to sit back and watch before joining in on an activity. A good beat will make you break out in a dance and you and I have had more dance parties in the living room than I can count. You love to sing. Absolutely love it and I hope thats something you never stop doing because you have the most beautiful voice Ive ever heard.


Your’e a picky eater but you love broccoli so I wont complain too much. You have a sweet tooth like your mama though. Your’e currently in swim class and your’e cautious but love the water at the same time. You hate being messy, so you always ask for “naks” (napkins). Despite not liking to get dirty with food, you LOVE the dirt. You will sit and play in the dirt with a stick forever if Id let ya. Your favorite Disney princess is Ana from frozen so EVERYTHING is Ana. “Ana dress” Ana everything. I even painted your toes for the first time and you call them “Ana toes”. You have Ana princess heels and the sound of you clicking around in them is music to my ears.

I could ramble on about you for years, and I guarantee I will. I love you, kid. Your’e my dream come true.

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