Balancing meal time with Nurture Life

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Having a picky eater is not easy. We do our best to make sure Piper is eating well-balanced meals but lately its been very difficult as she turns her nose to almost anything new and different. Mark is home with us four nights a week and the nights he is home we cherish meal time together as a family. But, making something we all can enjoy that’s toddler friendly leaves us a little stumped. Not to mention, making two separate dinners is the last thing I want to do after a long day. Getting a nutricious meal on the table is very important to me and whether or not I eat well myself, it’s only fair Piper gets the nutrients she needs in every meal regardless of how busy our day is. Lately, I’ve been worrying that she isnt getting the best nutrition because of her picky eating habbits. I stumbled upon Nurture Life’s website and noticed they were “picky eater approved”. Also, the thought of having a personal meal delivered for Piper had me thrilled! That meant no more extra cooking.


For those of you wondering, Nurture Life is a suscription based, ready to eat food delivery service based specifically towards babies and children six months to eighteen years. The meals are delivered cold, never frozen and are prepared with fresh, always organic, wholesome ingredients. Your subscription can be five or ten meals and all you have to do is enter your childs age and dietary preferences then you get to choose from a wide selection of fresh meals! You can even switch it up week to week for your little one. Once you receive your meals for the week, right at your doorstep, you simply refridgerate them and then pop the meals in the oven or microwave for a few minutes and they’re ready to go! So easy!


We’ve tried out Nurture Life for two weeks so far and I couldnt be more impressed! The food is so fresh and my picky little eater actually ate them all! I couldnt believe it. Piper was excited for dinner each time she saw her plate. I feel good feeding her Nurture Life meals because they work with a team of chefs and pediatric dieticians to bring together the highest of quality ingrdients to your child’s plate. I know all of their recipes will support Pipers growth and nutrious needs in the best way possible. Another rewarding factor of Nurture Life is the time it gives me back with Piper. Instead of prepping for those meals, shopping and cooking, I am able to spend more time with her. Knowing that her dinner is covered is such a sigh of relief.

If you’re looking for a little assistance at meal time or if your toddler is picky like mine, click here and learn more about Nurture Life and what they have to offer. I promise you wont be dissapointed and your little one will thank you! Give youreself some time back.

This post is sponsored by Nurture Life but as always, all thoughts are my own.


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