A Letter to Piper: Two & a Half

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My dearest Piper,

This month you turned two and half and I didn’t even realize it when the day came because time really does fly when you’re having fun. I say to myself at every stage you’re at “this. this is my favorite age.” but really, I think the age you are now has been my absolute favorite. You’re a fireball full of energy and you put a smile on every strangers face. You’re smart, oh so smart. You learn something new every single day. You can count to twelve now all on your own. You know your colors and animals and all of their sounds. You know how to recite the alphabet with mommy and daddy’s help and you love reading books. I hope you never lose your love for reading, sweet child. You are very stubborn and strong-willed just like me. You know what you want and when you want it and I must admit, you often know just how to get it, too. Your favorite meal is chicken “with sauce”, broccoli and macaroni. We have it almost too often but that’s okay, its kinda our thing. You know almost all of the words to “Let it Go” and I hope you never stop singing because you sing with your whole soul. You’re most requested movie is “Coco” and thats okay, because I was getting a little tired of “Frozen”.

You are starting to come out of your shell and develop relationships with other people. You have to recite everyones name that you know before bed. Its like a little routine so you know everyone you love has gone “night night” and now, so can you. Fear of missing out, much? haha.We have you in gymnastics, music and swimming and you’re excelling at all of them. You love to dance so I cannot wait to have you in dance lessons. You were very timid at first (you also get that from me) but over the weeks you’ve truly blossomed into a little girl who loves to tumble, play instruments, float in the pool and most importantly, you’re starting to play with other kids your age. Since you stay home with me, that doesn’t happen as often as I wish but soon you’ll be off to school and I’ll be reminiscing on the days when it was just you and me. This summer has been super special so far and I know its one I am going to always look back on and cherish. The trip we took to North Carolina with your grandma, great grandma and cousin, was truly one of my favorite memories with you and I still have to sit and write about it.

You’re talking non-stop now. People call me your translator because sometimes I am the only one who knows what you’re trying to say. Were starting to have little conversations with each other and we understand each other pretty well. Its an amazing feeling, you’re like my little best friend and we just chit chat all day long, especially in the car. Potty training has been going strong in our house and you’re a total rockstar at it.

You’re truly growing up right before my eyes and some days its too much for my heart to bare and I just cry. I cry sad tears because I miss my fuzzy headed baby. Other days I cry happy tears because you’re becoming such a little independent lady and it makes me beyond proud to be your mother. When you ask me to hold you my entire heart just melts into a puddle. I’ll hold you forever baby girl. You’ll ALWAYS be my baby and you have no idea how much I love you. Thank you for being my daughter.


Your Mommy


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