Staying Stylish with Mac & Mia

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I bet by now you’ve heard of many style companies where you can receive personalized clothes sent right to your doorstep. Well, how about one for kids? I’d like to introduce you all to my new favorite company for Piper. Its called Mac & Mia. Mac & Mia is an online children’s boutique where you work with your own stylist to receive a box full of clothes for your child!

Working directly with your stylist means choosing styles that fit your look. All clothes are name brand and high quality. There’s something every kid will love! Each box contains about 8-12 items and you can choose what you like, send back the rest and pay for what you keep! Its that simple. There’s also no subscription fee so you’re not obligated to any purchases, you get to choose when you receive a box which I love.

If you’d like to try Mac & Mia yourself, click HERE for $25 off your first box! If you follow me on instagram (@casietea), you can check my story highlights to see detailed videos of everything Piper received from her stylist, Ashley (@kids_with_style). Piper got a smaller box in the mail for a sample but a typical box is larger. We received two sundresses, a denim blazer, a sweater and velour skirt to match. Everything is perfect! Below are some photos. I hope you check them out! Your little one will thank you!



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